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satta matka is a time where kids can dress as anything they want to be, whether its a witch or a romantic.

If youre having a party for your kid and her friends, come up with range of costumerelated games on to play. Give candy as prizes to these people more excited about playing the games. There are various dress up games available online. They offer wide variety of activities and have lovable characters that are fun to change. The games are similar to oldfashioned paper dolls, however with a whole new type of playing that can basically found in an online dressup game. Costume Contest A costume contest could possibly make the night more overwhelming. Ask three kids to be judges. Fill a big basket with various props that can be used for dress up like noses, wigs, clothes and teeth.

Give the players a few minutes to search with basket for items they want in order to for their gear. After the players had finished dressing, the judges vote on who came up utilizing best costume. Face Painting This game lets kids race against each other to see to be able to paint their faces the fastest. Supply the players with the paints they need, and tell them what kind of costume they are painting their faces for, such as the zombie, cat, witch or ghost. Imply to them a picture of the items the face paint should look like. The player that finishes first wins the board game. Costume Race Divide the kids into two teams.